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I wanted to post something positive and that is I am feeling better than 2 days ago. My outlook seems better as well, not as obsessive.

Sometimes I do get very nervous, shortness of breathe and sweaty and my heart beats fast. It happens when I am nervous to do things, even though they wouldnt be a big deal to someone else. For example: If I have to meet people and I dont know them well. I analyze the situation, plan where I will park, if they are not there where I will wait etc...and I get out of the car feeling really nervous and self-conscious...
It happens quite a bit..even coming to this board I feel nervous....why is this?


Re: feeling better

Hello boi,
have you tried taking control of the situations that make you nervous, your example of meeting people that you dont know too well, how would you feel if you made all the arrangements, you would be in control and therfore no need to analyze what may happen.
I'm glad you're feeling some better. I can relate to your feelings of nervousness. It does sound like social anxiety. I hope you can find some help for it.


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Hi Boi,

I too am glad you are feeling better. I have had my share of social anxiety, it isn't nearly as bad as it use to be but can still happen, depending on other stressors in my life at the time.

When you gave the example of meeting someone new, I try to lessen my anxiety by telling myself that they may be feeling as nervous as I am. Put my best foot forward, so to speak and just go for it.

I have worked this through with a counsellor however.

Take care



I just got back and I was nervous...but I do try to suck it up and just go with the flow kinda thing. I am trying to be in a band and I think many issues arise since I am usually the only girl. I am surrounded by all these guys who have loads of confidence and I tend to completely pull back if I am not included. I was quite upset but then it got better...
I hope to deal with all this when I see the dr
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