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Fighting Addiction, Loneliness, and Despair
by Robert T. Muller, The Trauma & Mental Health Report
February 26, 2017

What lead singer Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers originally perceived to be an overly emotional poem ended up becoming one the biggest singles of his band?s career?not to mention one of the quintessential songs about addiction and recovery. Kiedis wrote Under the Bridge when he was three years sober in an effort to describe the negative impact that drugs had on his life, and how his sobriety was hurting his relationship with his bandmates. He fought through the resulting loneliness and despair, and made it to the other side.



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I really love that song. Wow, I did not know that he was experiencing loneliness because of sobriety.... what a hard situation.....

I had always thought of that song being the other way around, about the loneliness of actually being using.

I wonder how he and the others are doing in that way now. I hope they are all doing OK.
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