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Im on another forum that has been run by the same people for 5 years, just recently they have said they can no longer run it, so one of the members has taken it over, they havent taken on the forum as it is but set up a new one, new software etc, now they are asking members for money towards the running costs, they seem to think as we use the forum we should pay for using it. Ive just sent a email to the person telling them that I disagree with this, a couple of others are annoyed too and dont like being asked for money in this way, one member has refused point blank to pay which is what I am going to do Im quite angry about it, and feel the member was quite aware of the cost when they took it on, for me running a forum wouldnt be about money it would be about the joy of having people using my forum and helping them and stuff like that, I certainly wouldnt ask for money in the way they have, the member who has refused to pay has also been openly judged for their actions and discussed in email sent to me and a few other members, the new owner will problerly be judging me now after recieving my email!!!! Im just wondering how people on here feel about this, what are your opinions on this, would appreciate input, thanks

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Re: being asked for money? right or wrong?

As you know, I have a "Donate" feature on this forum for voluntary donations to help with server costs, etc., but there are no required fees for forum membership.

I know there are some forums which offer special sections or services on a subscription basis. As long as the main forum is free, I don't have an issue with that at all, although it would have to be an especially good feature or service for me to subscribe.

I have never paid to join a subscription-only forum and I highly doubt that I ever would. Indeed, one of the major webmaster forums has increasingly become a place where any important information is in the paid-only forums and because I find that objectionable I haven't been to that forum in a good few years now.

I suppose some people like exclusivity on a forum. I think as a forum owner it's shooting yourself in the foot. If Guests can't see your forums, neither can search engine spiders, and if your forum can't be indexed, it's going to be difficult for new members to find you.

Asking for donations is one thing... demanding donations is quite another.

If it were me, I'd likely leave and not look back.
Re: being asked for money? right or wrong?

Asking for donations is one thing... demanding donations is quite another.

If it were me, I'd likely leave and not look back.

I agree I dont mind being "asked" to donate , I can choose if I want too or if I can afford it. I wont leave just yet just see how this pans out, if enough people refuse the owners will have to pay the costs themselves or close the forum completely, in my email I suggested a donate button so people can give of their own free will, I havent had a answer yet!!


Asking for donations is one thing... demanding donations is quite another.

I was going to say the same thing...don't demand it but leave it as an option for those that want or are able to.

I think that I would be angered as well if a forum that I was on all of a sudden demanded that I start paying to be on it. If they were insistent on this then I would do like David said and just walk away. There are so many other forums out.....or is the many more fish in the sea :)

I hope you get an answer to your email soon TTE and to see what his/her reaction to your suggestion of a "donate button" will be.


I am not in a position to donate at this time, but I am working on getting a better job. If and when that happens, this forum would be the first place I would donate too, because it HELPS people, and I am all for that.
Asking for money and demanding it are very different. If they demand it, and you cant afford it, then I would just leave and look for another place.. If they demand it and you can afford it, but just dont want to pay, then look for another place. There really isnt much you can do about it, but I understand your being upset, and I am sorry for that.

The donate button got the reply of thank you for your suggestion, that was it!!! The person concerned has backed down on asking for money, it did cause alot of trouble on Monday and Tuesday of this week. They have now said they will look at other ways of raising money like printing mugs/ t. shirts with the logo on and getting those who want to to buy them which is a better way,, Ive kept my distance from the forum this week only posted one post, anyway just thought I would update on this


I have paid for membership to a forum before...

I think it was $50 for 2 years. The main part of the forum is free but if you want to access the 'member' only section you must pay.

Also you cannot look at anyone's profile if you are not a financial member.

I'm glad I am a financial member but that particular forum is very poorly moderated - well actually OVER moderated...

and I started my own forum in competition after getting onto a fight with a mod on there. The webmaster backed the mod even without investigating my complaints - nice.

So my advice? Don't give them a cent especially if you are already fighting and cannot agree on this issue... forums need mature, sensible and impartial people to run them.
The forum you are talking about sounds like it's been taken over by idiots.
These issues won't be the last.

Why not start your own forum?

Also you could suggest they run adsense ads - they are usually successful enough to cover the running costs of forums.
Hi there,

I put this up a while ago and I am glad you replied as since posting this I had a big row with the owner over a number of issues and then she launched a personal attack on me, insulting emails, she also did something really nasty and hurtful to me, so Im not longer on the forum, I now have my own forum which is closed and by invited only and its totally free , dont have to pay for a server or anything, and the people who wanted to keep in touch with me from the other forum come on there, I love it, got the forum just as I want it, and enjoy being admin too:)


Starting your own forum - great idea :)

I feel really sad to hear about your troubles though.

Being treated cruelly on forums is so wrong especially when it is the very people in positions of power who are the abusers!

We all come to forums for a little entertainment, friendship, advice and the like - there's no need to try to hurt people...

Ever heard the quote

Nearly all men can stand adversity.
But if you want to test a mans character, give him power.

Some people simply cannot handle power.
That's the core of the issue here. IMO.
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