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I bounce between anorexia and bullimia and right now I'm bullimic...I had been doing pretty good until today and I am bingeing bad...I also have OCD and when my mind gets stuck on an eating thought it will play over and over in my head until I give in an eat whatever I am obsessing over...Its really difficult because I've got it in my head that I have to have a snack in the morning whether I am hungry or not and if I try to fight the thought, time slows down and each minute seems like an eternity...It drives me absolutely nuts!...I am making myself sick today eating so much...
I was curious whether the Geodon I'm on is helping aggravate the bullimia...
Anyone have any ideas how I can stop the obsessive thoughts?...RIMH


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I have had obsessive thoughts too. Can you get out of the house - go for a walk. Having a snack in the morning isn't a bad idea - like an apple.

To distract meself I keep plenty of mystery novels around - ones I can really get into.
I draw or doodle
Do some housework - sounds funny but doing some wash by hand calms me down.
Being here helps to.

You may want to make a list for yourself on things you can do to distract yourself from those thoughts then all you need to do is to go down the list.


I know that others on here have talked about yelling the word "STOP" in their head or even outloud if they are alone and that seems to help them with their obsessive thoughts. I have had to use it on occasion myself for various reasons and I can say that it has helped. It is distracting that's for sure.

Also like Ladylore said, keeping busy with other activities is good too. If I recall correctly, you have a dog named Tanner don't you? Would playing with your dog help to take your mind off your obsessions?
i know how it feels to try and stop thinking the way we do when we start obsessing over food and it is not easy as many people who probably don'T understand this tryign to get rid of a thought that seems so realistic to us is not easy . during a recent hospitalisation i found that giving myself in a healthy way 2 different personalities helps a lot cause then you can diferenciate the anorexic thought or bulimic thoughhts from the real you and then when you start obsessing try to rationalise with both part explaining to yourself that you are simply yourself having thoughts from your anorexic self and that if you want you can be in controle and then ry more and mroe to controle that other person it isn't easy cause as we al know anorexia is not easy to controle! but just try it keep you alive by seperating youfrom yor disorded thinking and thoughts
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