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Lately my eating habits and attitudes toward food have been changing in a way that worries me quite a bit.

A year or two ago I used to binge eat whenever I was upset, but then I knocked that off almost a year ago. My problem now is that I'm becoming really worried about eating. I skip meals sometimes and then when I do end up eating I stress out because I feel like I've failed myself.

I've started to hate eating because I always feel so guilty after. I'm not particularly worried about my weight, I'd be happier if I was a few pounds lighter but I'm not overweight, but for some reason I can't stop worrying about food.

I'm always scared I won't be able to stop eating when I eat something. Sometimes I catch myself doing a bit of it where I'll notice I'm full but keep eating, and then I start freaking out and feel out of control.

This is really stressing me out, I don't know what's wrong with me and this whole situation is driving me crazy.

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I believe you said that you have a therapist, SophieCecile. Is this something you've talked about in therapy?


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Yes I know what you mean. I have had similar issues and have gone back and forth and then back and forth with dieting and exercising to the extreme and I am not sure I care that much about my weight either. I find that mindfulness techniques do help with this, I try to eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. That does help me feel more in control around food. If you really start to explore it, I bet you will find like me, that it really isn't about food at all, for myself, I am somewhat obsessive compulsive by nature so I have these tendancies that I have to watch for so I do have some anxiety issues. Secondly, for myself, there is usually more going on, something that is bothering me outside of the food issues and this is something I seem to do to distract myself from my real issues. Not saying this is going to be true for you, but I bet you might find this is nothing to do with food if you really look at it too.
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