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I have been having some very good days. I hang onto those for dear life when I have a bad nite. Tonite I am a bit edgy, but it is only because Dave has gone to work. But, it is getting easier now that he gives me a quick call. It makes all the difference in the world. Thanks to those here who suggested it. Something so simple and obvious, but given his supervisors attitudes, I didn't want to ask him to do. But, thankfully, his new supervisor seems to be a good guy. We are still talking everyday about how we are feeling, and so far so good. We have some tough days still, but we hold on. I truly think we are making some progress. This time around though, we are not going to make the same mistakes we made initially. We can't do this by ourselves, and we can admit that now.
I just wanted everyone in here to know how instrumental you have all been in my baby steps. You have all given me the support and strength when I needed it the most. I had to let you know how we are doing. I am so proud of my Dave. He is doing wonderful and given what the man has had to endure, I am just so darn proud. I have told him all the advice I have received and he has read the posts of encouragement and support. You all touched him so much. Now if I can only get him to come in here on his own!
Each day I visit here and read over other posts, and try to glean insight from them. Each one helps, and I just had to tell you how very important you all are, and how this forum has been a godsend.
Thanks to everyone. Much love and I'll be back tomorrow! :)


It's good to hear that you are feeling better, Auburn. Hopefully it keeps getting easier for you both. I can't imagine how hard this must be.



I am glad that you find this place helpful and that you are having some good days.....that really is good to hear :hug:
I'm glad you have some good days and that the phone calls are helping you. You are a strong person and Dave is too and I'm glad you have each other during this. Definitely keep seeking help. It's a good thing. And keep coming here.



HeartArt, Nancy and Janet, you three are the reason I do keep coming back here. Folks like you make this place. And you have all helped me so much. My only hope is that as long as I keep coming here, maybe I can return the favour for someone in need, just as you have done for me. This is the first place I come when I can fight the kids off the computer, and I will keep making it my first stop. I am doing everything different this time. Instead of thinking I am "all better" I am going to keep doing the things that have helped me take the baby steps, in hopes that it keeps me going in the right direction. I stopped everything too soon when this all first started, convinced that I would just get over it. Not this time, now I plan on doing what I need to do for us for the long haul. Now that I realize this is a part of me, I have accepted it, instead of trying to cover it up
Yes, I am rambling, but since typing has become one of the things I use to calm myself, it is my best tool in expressing myself too. Just know I think of you all daily, and your words of wisdom. I keep you all close to me.
Much love,

Melody ...aka Auburn :)


Auburn, I'm so happy to hear you and Dave are beginning to see some light at the end of this loooong tunnel you've been going through. It's good that he's able to call you, allowing the two of you to have a moment or two of contact when you're apart. Reaching out for the help you needed, and being each other's support is really a wonderful expression of who you are as a couple. Many hugs to you both! :hug: :hug:



It is very encouraging to someone new like myself to read what you wrote about the support that you have gained here. I too hope to gain that support and understanding here.

Thank you :)



You will find understanding, love and much support here. This forum saved my sanity more than a few times. It was an amazing find for me. If you need anything, all you have to do is ask. And that goes for me as well, if I can help you with anything, I will do my best for you. Take care of you, visit often, and be vocal. I promise, it helps. Brightest blessings to you.
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