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i found out a day ago that one of my uncles passed away after having a heart attac , but at the same time found out that another may not last the night he has been sick for a very long time . i found out tonight that he died at 9h30pm, and i also fund out after that his wife who has been sick for the past 5 years ever since the death of her son probably won't be able to live much longuer without her husband anymore they give her no more than a week they brought her in this mornign to see her husband and he died tonight i am having a hard time with this because i left them 5 years ago when my parents split up promissing them i would go back and see them but never got a chance and now the chances i see at least my aunt are very slim i am just so depressed because so many people from down there (were i used to live) and once i moved i never went back to see them . i left them .


Re: goodbyes


I just wanted to first of say that I am sorry for your loss of your uncle and I pray for the other family members that are ill. Second, I think whether you have time to say goodbye or not, the pain of losing a loved one is always extremely tough no matter what. I know that even though I had time to say goodbye to my grandmother before she passed away it still didn't make the loss any less difficult.

You need time to grieve the loss in whatever way that is going to be and for however long it takes. Grieving is such a personal thing that no one can set a timeline on or rush you is your journey to take.

This is the time when you need to lean on your friends, family, therapist and this forum for all the support that you need. We will be here for you Ashley-Kate.

Take care and my prayers go out to you
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my aunt died the 14 of febuary this week so basicly i have been having a realy hard time .. the school psychologist kept me in his office the other day to make sure i was okay to go home and that i was not plannign anything stupid such as taking my own life like realy it is hard but i am not going to do that to myself but i am jut having a really hard time to deal no one understands that do they .. why is everyone dying
and why am i amounst everyone still alive .. it is not fare.. only the good people i love dye.


Thinking of you Ashley-Kate during this rough time and sending you lots of hugs.

Take care
:hug: :hug:

i'm SO sorry Ashley about everything that has happened, if you ever wanna talk i'm ALWAYS here for you!!! and just know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. *hugs*
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