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Google's new note taking service, Google Keep, syncs with Google Drive for a seamless transition from phone, tablet to computer.

The app runs in its own separate window for fast access on the fly. In addition to keeping your grocery list in the cloud, you can add photo attachments to your memos.

Should you find yourself away from an internet connection, the app also works offline.

A Google account is of course required to set up Google Keep.

Apps are available for Android on Google Play, as well as for other mobile devices, but it is not clear how well non Android devices support the service.

Google Chrome Web Store now has a Chrome App to access Keep, although Keep can be accessed using any browser by pointing to

As for functionality, I'm still experimenting with it. When changes or edits are made, they are automatically saved, so there is no "Save" button. Entries can be typed or entered by voice, even camera.

Events and notes can be color coded for visual recognition.

My one problem thus far is to understand "List Items". I've created them for testing, but still cannot understand how they are used.

If you install Keep and figure out what the "List Items" are intended to do, please let me know.

The Google Blog post for Keep is HERE
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