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I talked to some friends the other day and they made me worry about them. They have illegal programs either from file sharing or other forms of stealing. Besides the fact that their illegal. I'm worried because they are made by hackers. When ever you buy a video game or software their are codes to make sure you don't steal it or mass produces it for free. Hackers have a way of getting pass these codes. I wouldn't be so worried if hackers were trustworthy people. If they can bypass codes on a CD I afraid of what they can do to their computers. I know how much computers can cost and I would hate it if their computers turn into paperweights or even worst become bankrupt just because they want to steal stuff. What should I do?

David Baxter PhD

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As long as you make sure you don't participate in these schemes, ST, you need not worry. If they do something to compromise their computers, they will have learned an important lesson. Much illegal or pirated software is infected with various viruses, worms, trojans, and zombies which can turn their computers into spam or virus broadcasters. It may cost them time and money to wipe the hard drives and reinstall the operating system and any software but it is not likely that they'll render their computers entirely unworkable.

I would suggest that you be careful not to share diskettes, CDs, etc., with anyone who is doing this, given the high risk for having your own computer infected.
I'm not worried about their hard drive as much as I'm worried about their future. What if one day everything they have is gone and force to live out in the streets. No one should ever be force to live like that especially my friends.



I know that it is hard to see your friends engaging in behaviours that you are concerned about and could affect their future but it is just that, THEIR future which you have absolutely no control over. The only person that you truly have any control over is you and to take care of yourself so that you do not engage in any behaviours such as the ones that your friends are doing that may lead you down a path that you do not want.

Take care


I can just say that many of my friends continued down a path that I no longer wanted to be involved in and although I was very concerned for their future I knew that I had to do what was best for me and that was to take care of myself and move away from that path towards a better future.


If going their way in life you are referring only to the hacking then yes I think that you could still be their friend although choosing not to participate in that particular area. If you are referring to other areas of their lives that they are going down that you are not comfortable with and do not want to be around or associated with then that is going to be a choice that you are going have to make for yourself as to whether you want to continue the friendships or not. I dont think that it is a decision that anyone but you can make on your behalf.

If you decide to let go of those friends for any reason, remember that it is not easy and it is a form of loss which needs to be grieved just like any other.


A lot of young people today engage in the behavior you describe, ST. I think you can maintain a friendship, of sorts, with these people; however, be sure to take David's advice and don't share CDs, diskettes, or any other materials of that sort with them. You could bring trouble to yourself by doing so.

You're a smart young man, and you've made a good decision to stay away from this sort of thing. I won't condemn those who engage in it, but it's sure not smart and they'll possibly pay a big price for it sooner or later. Because you've chosen not to participate, you won't have that price to pay. I commend you! :)
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