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I had read about some Swedish, or, Finnish researchers who were successful in determining that head trauma can be a cause for schizophrenia. I had a bad skateboard accident in January'84. Before that life changing event, I was doing great in school and things were going good. This took place overseas in Port Vila, Vanuatu as I was there on placement with my parents from 83-86. After that incident, my behaviour had started changing around June of that year. By 1986, I was removed from the country on medical evacuation reasons as my behaviour patterns had changed dramatically. A lot of my actions caused concern for many people there. In Sept '86 I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

In light of this I had taken it upon myself to find out more information, and, it lead me to that completed research work. I will add this to the documentation for your review.

Source URL: Head injury can cause mental illness | ScienceNordic


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Thank you for this useful information Tripped - your story and the information could really help someone out there.


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It would be awesome if someone actually designs and performs well structured, strong research study on this topic. It seems interesting to explore the correlation between brain injury and mental health illness and how symptoms of them interrelate. A lot of patients undergo medical imaging of the brain in order to rule out brain injury or other brain diseases, congenital or acquired before being diagnosed with something as serious as schizophrenia.The article is interesting but lacks any details about the research methodologies and the possibility of mistaking brain injury for mental disease, or for pre-existing mental disease that predisposes to injury. Just thoughts.
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