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If a child reports hearing sounds causing him to need to speak in a very loud voice, should the possibility of a psychotic disorder be investigated if an Ear Nose and Throat consultation is negative?

Is there a minimum age of onset for psychotic disorders where auditory hallucinations might occur?

What other avenues should a parent investigate when a child experiences unexplained sounds?

David Baxter PhD

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Assuming hearing is normal, I would most definitely recommend evaluation by a child psychiatrist.

There is no minimum age for hallucinations or psychosis as far as I know, although it's probably more common in later adolescence or older.


You might also want to suggest a neurological work-up, along with an ENT work-up, Steve. There are several things that could cause someone to hear "sounds" and not all of them involve auditory hallucinations. There are physical causes that need to be ruled out.
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