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I have'nt been here for awhile but plan to change that.
I really like the "self help" that I have been reading about on the site


Thank you all for the welcome posts.

maybe one of u can direct me in the right direction,

when i first came here i was trying to get a handle on the depression that came with the death of my daughter October 2001,, i got a good start on getting through it and was actually setting goals and meeting them,, well then this last August my brother died suddenly and no matter what I tell myself or how hard I try to stick with the goal setting thing I seem to be right back where was with my daughter's death.

I tried therapy for grief and anger management for most of a year and it was working until she started talking prozac and blood work and a years trail per different meds,, I have a real strong aversion to needles doctors and anything invasive and that year at a time trial deal with changes in types of pills and doses and blood work just sent me running, that's why the 'self help' thing really appeals to this scaredy kat ,, lol

David Baxter PhD

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I've often observed that when people suffer a loss, it seems to not only activate grief for that loss but it also often reactivates grief for previous losses. It may well be that this is what has happened for you, Kat.

You can find grief resources including internet sites and book at:

Grief and Bereavement:

Grief and Bereavement in Accidental or Sudden Death

Additionally, of course, there are a lot of articles that you may find helpful posted in the Grief Forum here.
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