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Hi everyone!
My name is Amara. I am not that new to this forum, but just thought that i should introduce myself. I did my M.Sc in Applied Psychology and worked in an NGO as a psychologist and training facilitator, mainly focusing on the issues of gender and violence.
I have experience of working with survivors of violence and individuals suffering from various psychological problems. I hope i will be able to give my input to this forum.
I will be moving to UK in a few months. I would appreciate any advice on how to further study and work in the area of counseling psychology.

Thank you :dimples:


Hi Amara and welcome to Psychlinks :welcome2:

Although you say you are not new to the forum, I am glad that you decided to join us and I am sure that you will be able to give valuable input :)

I hope to see you around more :wave:


Hello Amara and thank you for your offer to participate. We'll be looking forward to your comments.

Feel free to join in any of the ongoing discussions or start some of your own.
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