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Hello all...I joined this site about a year ago i think and this is my first post so please scuse me if its a little long.I am 38 yrs male and for all my life have been challenged by many terrable things.Mama tried to kill me with booze and coat hanger at 8 months so not really a good start...Dont know my parents and i dont care too..I ahve dperession, anxiety, OCD and suicidal tendancies that i have lived with my whole life...I am married now with no children a good but go no where job....I am addicted to paxil and feel no emotions in anything i do...i cannot cry, laugh, smile, get angry nothing.I just exist in a slow motion world with no cares in the world...this is not a good life....will i go to hell if i kill myself?...i am too much of a coward to do it i guess....the only passion i can remember ever having is writing music and playing my guitar but the last few years i have lost my motivation to i write this i am tempted to stop and delete it but something made me do it...not sure what...anyways would like to say thanks to the many on here who really care about make the world a better place.Johnny


Re: hello folks.....

Welcome to Psychlinks Alone :welcome2:

I am glad that you decided to post and I hope to see you around more :wave:


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:welcome: to PsychLinks, Johnny! We're glad you're here. :)

It sounds as though you've had a rough time. Depression, anxiety and OCD aren't easy to deal with, as many here can attest. You're certainly not alone with your feelings.

As to being addicted to Paxil, you're not really addicted to it, since it's not addictive in the normal sense of the word. However, it might be that another medication would work better for you. New medications have been made available since Paxil, and some of them seem to work better for many people and have fewer side-effects.

Are you in therapy at the present time? If not, that's probably something else you should consider. Medication alone is not the best way to handle the problems you're faced with. Medication with ongoing therapy works much better. :hug:
Re: hello folks.....

:welcome: johnny, nice to meet you. sorry to hear about your struggles. i think thatlady made some good comments regarding medication. you may want to talk to your doctor about where you're at and see if a change is warranted. also therapy would be highly beneficial. you can start to feel better, it's possible, i've gone through depression and was at a very low low, i was able to come out of it, so do not give up hope. it takes work and perseverance but it can be done.
hello again and big thanks for the warm welcome.
im actually looking forward to getting to know others with the same problems i face and will likely look for more advise from this forum in the future.:)


Welcome Alone and remember you are not alone here.

There are people here who care and ready to listen.

K9 :hello:
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