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Hi, I thought i would pop in and say hi.

I am 41, live in Devon and work as a team leader in a care home, I have a visual imparement and can only see with one eye - but not much escapes me!!

I am an animal lover, have three cats and some budgies. Work as a volunteer for a cat rescue charity and we foster wild kittens from time to time and tame them ready for rehoming.

I have loads of hobbies, I run a carers forum here in Devon, I moderate on a national online mag, love drawing, music, walking, the sea, visiting historic places of interest, from castles to stone circles etc. Love cooking and feeding people!!


Hi Tabby!

Welcome to Psychlinks! Sounds like you have a very interesting background.

Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion or start one of your own...will be looking forward to hearing more from you:)
:) Hi Tabby,

Nice to meet you:) How many budgies do you have? i live with 6 and they are gorgeous!! hope to get to chat to you sometime:) TTE


just wanted to add one more hi and welcome to the boards!!! I too, love animals and share my home with my two german shepherd dogs while i feed two black cats that found out the food is free here:( oh well, can't let them starve.
In friendship
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