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Im 21 and 20 weeks pregnant and scared about the future.
I have lived out of home for about 2.5 years and suffer depression, anorexia and insomnia.
I dont have a very supportivee family around me and the father of my child is useless. I came across this site by accident but im glad i found it.

And no i haven't found any socks lol

anyway just thought i'd introduce myself


Re: hello

Hi bunny

Welcome to the forum.Are you currently being treated for your depression/eating disorder?


Re: hello

Welcome to Psychlinks,Bunny! Feel free to joinin any ongoing discussions or start some of your own to ask about your own issues.

Hope you find Psychlinks informative...and fun!


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Re: hello

Hi Bunny :hello:

Welcome to Psychlinks. There are specific sections on the forum with great information dealing with depression, anorexia, and sleep disorders.

I haven't found my socks yet this morning either. :D

Welcome again :welcome2:
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Hi Bunny and welcome to Psychlinks :welcome2:

Glad that you decided to join us and I hope to see you around :wave:
nice to meet you :wave4:


It's hard to life alone but remember that you shouldn't be defeated by people that you dislike. Move on, show them you can shine with or without their efforts. =) It works for me, I have a lot of times when people turn away from me or throwing me with 'rocks' of their words and actions. I have one time when EVERYONE turn away from me including my parents while I am humiliated by some but I won't kill myself because that just show how low I am compared to them.

I believe I'm better than them and unlike them, I will shine soon or later. You can do it too bunny!
thank you for the kind welcomes, i look forward to using this site and hopefully understanding more about myself and ways to move forward. thanks again for the welcomes!
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