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Something happened to me that has me gravely concerned. Today my wife got a call from someone whom she knew when she was younger. She was having some serious problems with drugs and my wife ended calling the Children's Aid Society, and subsequently her daughter was taken into foster care. While on the phone, for reasons I cannot fathom, my wife told her it was she who called the CAS. Predictably, her "friend" was not too pleased. Unpon finding this out, I have gone into a panic. My chest is tight and I am extremely frightened of possible reprisals from this woman, after all, she knows our address, and now my wife is likely the one who will be to blame (in her mind) for losing her daughter. I am afraid to sleep, afraid to go to work and leave my wife alone, afraid of everything. There was a case of "a settling of accounts" that happened last year in my city in which a firebomb was thrown through a window and two children died. I feel fairly convinced that my family now risks a similar fate.

This woman was addicted to heroin in the past and as a result, I believe that she likely has many connections with the less savoury characters in the city. Although she said she was clean and putting her life back together, I am afraid that this will be what sends her over the edge. People have been killed for much more petty things in the past.

I don't know what to do. There is no legal recourse because no threats have been made, but at the same time, I feel like a "sneak attack" could happen at any time. I feel that I may fall into a sort of paralysis. I don't know what to do. Please help!!!

Daniel E.
Call me crazy, but I think the odds are that you will be fine. The woman is no longer on heroin. Even if she was, she would probably be more concerned about her next high. Obviously, you have created a scenario that requires a lot of assumptions, and I doubt all of them.

Of course, we are always at risk for violence from others. For example, a family member of mine was recently physically assulted.

If you need practical ways to protect yourself, I recommend you call your police station tomorrow.
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David Baxter PhD

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I agree with Daniel's advice, Steve...

Let the police know about your concerns and ask them to keep an eye out. If she contacts you or your wife and does make any threats, report those to the police immeidately.

I remember the case you mention, but there were I believe some rather different circumstances tjhat had to do with an unpaid drug debt and which obviously doesn't apply here. You are probably creating a scenario that is unlikely but there is no harm in reporting your concerns to the police and asking for their advice.
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