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Well i had an appointment with my social worker today as well as my nutritionist afterwards and well that resulted in a referral to another clinic for eating disorders again!!! it's not like i have been screaming at them since the very beginning telling them that they don't understand that by just telling me to eat it won't actually make me do anything that I need more that I am not doing well but they just didn't see it all they did was wait for the right moment to send me back away i am still waiting for the answer from the clinic but there is a waiting list as in all treatment centers so i will probably not be seen for another month or more the thing is i am quite content that I will get professional help but then again what will i do when i have to come back home again everything will start over like every other time ..
and then they put me with a nutritionist that doesn't even know a thing about anorexia and well instead of weighing me herself just asks me my weight and well today as unexpected as it came she decided to weigh me and was shocked to see that i wasn't perfectly honest with her yes i want to get better yes i want the voice to stop but the weight plays a role of "drug " of "addiction " in my life and i can't stop it.. i need it cause if i can't control that then i am useless. yours truly Ashley
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