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Yes, I am RedPenguin, I am into computers and radio scanners but I like the ladies more LoL.

I'm 19, so I believe that is normal. HeHe.

Anyway, I usually am fun to be around but I'm shy around very new people I meet, cause of my OCD causing social anxiety and depression and stuff.

My ADHD seems to bring me to me though, cause I like to have fun and do things.
ty you both. I like these types of forums, cause people need help with their problems and forums like this are a nice option, especially for small stuff that many are shy to ask about in person.


Hello RedPenguin! Welcome to Psychlinks.

I am into computers and radio scanners but I like the ladies more LoL


BTW what type of transmissions do you monitor on your scanner?
Hmmm, I like to monitor police, fire, and EMS of multiple counties but also, school securities, hospital securities, and many local businesses like the local buses and stuff.

Basically, if it's out there and there is a chance I can hear it, I like to listen at least once.
:welcome: redpenguin :) at 19 of course the ladies are more interesting :lol: i hope you find what you are looking for here at psychlinks.
HeHe, I find life so interesting though.

It was so funny cause in High School, I was more of the geek and it was like girls acted like they would never be with me and I was so horrible.

Then eventually , after High School, I just said, I'm somebody, and I don't care. I started to say, who cares, I'm going to ignore girls, not completely, but I'm not going to let any hurt my feelings, and I swear, now it's like the girls love me now or something, I get many smiling at me, even ones that acted like I was so horrible in High School, LoL.

I just find life funny how a guy can go from not really a single girl noticing him to all out of the blue being loved by them. LoL., life is so funny. LoL.

I am not really looking to be with 900 girls or anything, I still only want one, but it's not necessarily horrible, to me anyway, to have a bunch flirt with me. LoL.
i always found personality has a huge impact on how others view someone. sure you may have been or are a geek, but from your few posts here i see you also are someone with a sense of humour, self-confidence and you seem to enjoy life. those are attractive qualities. the girls may have matured a bit since high school, so that may have helped as well.

That's what is hard in life though. See I think because I am a guy, part of me wants to be a super playa, with girls, just fallin to my feet. LoL.

But the true part of me, just wants to drive one perfect girl insane, to where she wants no one else but me. LoL.

It's funny how in life we have choices to make like that LoL.

I guess I can settle for an in between world, I can settle for driving all women wild, just fallin at my feet, but driving one perfect girl wild where she wants no other guy but me. I mean, I guess I can deal with the pain of all girls diggin me and one girl really enjoyin me.

See, I don't want other guys to have to live with the pain of really hot girls just botherin them, so I will take the pain upon my shoulders and allow all the hot and cute girls to bother me, so that other guys don't have to go through the pain. I mean if other guys don't want the pain of really hot and cute girls flirting with me, I can take that pain away from them, I don't mind.

HeHe, yeah I like this website/message board. ;).

Oddly though, even though girls seem to like me in person, for whatever reason, I'm ignored many times on MySpace, and I don't say anything bad or talk dirty or anything like that.

For whatever reason I just don't get replies LoL.

Sometimes I never get a reply from a girl on MySpace but she will stare at me in person, LoL.

Even sometimes my friends on MySpace will ignore me, LoL. I don't get it.

I may tell a girl she's pretty on MySpace but I don't get any message back, no message like, I'm taken stop bothering me, or thanks, or I don't like you saying that, just no reply ever at all, most of the time, LoL.

Funny how I can be liked but ignored at the same time, I just find life funny sometimes, LoL.
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ty again for all your welcomes.

I just find life funny, how someone can go one place and get tons of welcomes then go another place and get tons of no welcomes LoL.

I don't know if it's some kind of sex thing or whatever, but it's like, I've always been more liked by women and found funny by women then guys.

I'm the kind of person to tease, I love to tease, but not in any mean or bad way. I like to joke about beautiful women, like when my friend(s) and I catch on to a beautiful girl at the same time, I am the one to be like, "You know, it's going to be a pain for you to have this beautiful girl, so I will take the pain off of your shoulders and handle the pain for you. I will take the pain away from you, and I will date this beautiful girl, so that she will leave you alone."

I also joke, when people make a big deal out of stuff, like when they say where I live is bad, because many call it the ghetto, I say, yeah, I gotta be careful because when I walk out my door, little kids are playing with fo-fos and I might get a cap busted in my a** LoL.

Also, when I heard my High School had gangs, I was like, oh boy here comes the shootings and retalation shootings.

I like drama but don't like drama at the same time, it's funny LoL.

I've always had it, where women always seemed to find me funny and cool, no matter what age they are, whether they are 4-13 or 50-60, they always seem to find me funny and cool, but it was always like guys always seemed to act like I was more towards the annoying side and never usually seem to be really friendly with me, even guys I know and they know me.

Who knows, maybe women are just more friendly and fun by nature and guys don't really care for joking around all the time, or something.

I mean I hate to generalize but it just always seems to happen that way, guys act like they could care less that I am around and women generally seem to love that I am around.

I guess women just like being teased more then guys do or something, women don't seem to get mad when I say like, you know some guys might get mad if you give them your phone number, but believe me I will not get mad if you give me your phone number. Or if I say, you know some guys get mad when beautiful women flirt with them, but believe me, I am not one of those guys, so if you want to flirt with me, I will not get mad. But if I joke with guys that they are really mean and will whop y0 a**, it's like they don't find it as fun or funny, LoL.

Dunno, life is just funny and weird, I guess, you just have to life it, and go to as many places as you can, to really experience life and how life is and how it isn't. HeHe.
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