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Hi All,

I'm an undergrad psychology student in Nebraska and thought that joining what appears to be a psych form of some quality might be a useful tool for me. I suppose I'll tell you all about my general academic plan and perhaps I'll find a kindred spirit!

Unfortunately, a lot of psychology majors get a bad reputation for having no longterm plan for their careers (somewhat akin to the reputation of a business major!); whether this is true or not I've yet to really discover. What I do know is that I want to work directly in the psychology field. Though several options still seem like viable goals, I'm really focusing on psychological research. I'm also aware that a Master's degree is nearly a requirement for anyone who wants to work directly in psychology (I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to this, but I will definitely be pursuing a Master's degree sometime soon after my Bachelor's). I'm currently working on a study that examines the neurological/psychological effects of smoking in adults (in relation to brain function and how it correlates with anhedonia) through three basic tests.

Hopefully, the more experienced/educated members of these forums will be able help answer the multitude of questions I'm sure will crop up the next few years of my schooling! Thanks for reading!




Welcome to Psychlinks unlpsychstudent!

We'll be looking forward to your contributions and to getting to know you.

Feel free to jump into any of the ongoing discussions or start as many as you would like.

Hope you enjoy the Forum :)


Welcome and best wishes with your studies! I am currently doing a post grad (not in psychology) and i am loving it and hating it, lol!!!

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