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After years of being judged and treated as inferior by other people in the church for having a mental illness, I found in my church a special service for the developmentally disabled. The people have mental illness, behaviour problems are autistic and the list goes on!

I am so happy to fit in a church where others have the same mental (and of course, physical) disabilities just like me! I got so excited to be included with people just like me and I don't have the "stigma" of being judged just because I have OCD, PTSD, and mood disorder. I am very happy to finally belong!

I always felt inferior to people in "normal" services and I did not DARE mention having a mental illness. They act like it is something I did wrong, have a "demon spirit" or I don't "have enough faith" I am free from that stigma in my special church. So don't give up on hope.

I am also going to check out mental health support groups through the Tulsa Alliance for the Mentally Ill and find more friends there. No man is an island-everyone is really wanting to belong somewhere and be accepted. A lot of people are looking for friends so how can I be lonely?

miss ex-clean(recovering OCD and cleaning addictions):dance:
that's wonderful news, prayerbear! :goodjob: it must make an enormous difference in your life, to just be accepted, regardless of your emotional struggles. after all, you're just as human as any of us :)
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