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David Baxter said:
What do you like to do?

Music? Nature? Physical activity?

Do you have a dog or cat?

There are three things i like:

1) study
2) women
3) sleep

but each one of the above list give me stress.

David Baxter PhD

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The activities that I have found most de-stressing in my life were running (in the early morning, until I injured the ligaments in my feet and ankles once too often); horseback riding (ran out of time when my children came along); music (listening intently, not as background, or playing guitar and writing songs), and anything to do with me alone in nature (nature phtography, watching the water, walking in the woods). I find our cats and our dog funny. I like being with kids and teens for the same reasons.

There are lots of other things I enjoy but they don't necessarily reduce stress, or not consistently.

Experiment a little - find out what will work for you.


Maybe i will try to run again, or perhaps spend sometime listenning to the sound of waves in the sea.


Hi Kant
Just got a few ideas for hobbies and ways to relieve stress. Running is good but if your like me, walking is more my speed. I also like the ideas of pets. I have two dogs and they definately relieve stress and keep me active-its hard to believe but they actually LIKE excercising:) You might also like a craft, puzzles-jigsaw,word, number puzzles,etc.. scrapbooking or journalling are some other ideas. Do you like to travel? I usually spend months planning my next vacation. Gardening is another thing I enjoy. Reading is another. Hope this helps some.
I dont know which part of the world you are in, but how about Home Study, thats much less stressful than going to college or Uni, because you are your own boss with it, We have the Open University here and they are brillant, if you are on benefits you can get the courses for free in most cases, just a thought if you like study :)
I find that working out reduces my stress levels. I used to run too but Im still healing from my broken leg. Hiking, riding horses, working on old muscle cars, get a tattoo, walking my dog, mucking out corrals taking a drive.


Keeping this in mind has worked wonders for me: pretty much any hobby will do, as long as it is active and engaging. And the more hobbies that you have, the less time you have to sit and think and worry. The idea is to stay active and busy. Here are just a few activities that you could partake in:

Playing a musical instrument

Playing a sport



Completing a jigsaw puzzle

Building a model

The sky is the limit, really! ;)
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