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When I first started my psych class I was overwhelmed with girls that reminded me of high school. I was so afraid of going into the class and asking questions but now I have over come my shyness and anxiety. Im so proud of myself. My teacher however is a cognative behavioral psychologist she works with people who are substance and alcohole abuse. She not really a teacher. Im she's kind of kooki (weird).


Re: overcame my anxiety


Congratulations on being able to overcome your anxiety with being able to get through the class......:goodjob:

I went through the same thing when I entered university at the age of 22. Most of the people there were straight out of high school and had already formed 'clicks'. It didn't help that I wasn't living in university residense either, as I didn't recieve the freshers week package with pub crawl details etc, so missed that whole 'getting to know you' thing. All I can tell you is that I kept trying to be out going and friendly, and it eventually paid off. However, as the uni year progressed the groups became less defined anyway, and they intermingled. I think it has everything to do with them growing up, and learning about more 'adult' (I hate to use that term) behaviours. Its all a learning curve after all.

I also had many 'kookie' lecturers. But I found I got on with them alot better, lol. I think I gravitate to strange!!! I thought you were doing your course by correspondance now? Have you headed back into the class room. If so, really well done on that note too. Its a huge step forward. Also, congrats on coming 'out of your shell' so to speak, and participating more in class.
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