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I talked about my boyfriend awhile back. He was in recovery when I got with him. I tried so hard to help him. Yesterday I turned the crack house address in to the police. Lots of things are happening. The police took my ex boyfriend's car from the crack house. He called me all night, wanting me to come get him. I did not do it. Now I am afraid. I'm afraid the drug dealers will come after me. I have grown kids, and a 15 YO at home. We locked the doors and windows last night, something we never do, and slept with knives and baseball bats by our beds. Nobody in this house does drugs, we are just average people. I started a thread on my regular message board last night about this. Got lots of feedback. I was so scared I posted the address of the crack house on the thread, which I later deleted. Just wanted someone to know in case something happened. I feel like I am going crazy now. I am afraid to leave the house to go to work. I support the household, and can not miss work. Don't know what to do.


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I'm afraid the drug dealers will come after me.

Has anything actually happened to make you suspect you would be in danger?

What you did was very brave. I know for myself that when I stand up for myself it can feel dang scary. Good for you, for taking a stand.


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There are so many potential people that could report a crack house, e.g. a neighbor, a pedestrian, a former drug dealer or a former drug user trying to make a deal with the police, an undercover officer, etc. Also, most drug dealers seem far more likely to lay low and hide like rats rather than seek out retaliation, which would dramatically increase their chances for incarceration.

slept with knives and baseball bats by our beds.

There are a lot of safety tips on the Internet, and, of course, the police are good at providing personalized saftey tips including advice concerning developing a safe room. Home alarm systems do help prevent invasions, though many people can't easily afford them, which is why home alarm stickers are used as deterrents.

Pepper spray would certainly be more useful, safe, and effective than a knife in most circumstances, not to mention that you can take it anywhere. Of course, it would be much safer to never have to see or confront the intruder:

Actual cases have confirmed that your survival odds are better if the invaders know that the police are on their way and their time for escape is short.

Once you create a safe room, here is some advice:

Always have a family plan for when and how to use the safe room
Always have non-threatening practice sessions with children
Always stock the safe room in advance with emergency supplies
Always have a flashlight or portable phone with fresh batteries
Always routinely charge your cell phone inside the safe room
Always secure the room key inside or use keyless deadbolts
Always try to escape first, if possible, to summon the police
Always call the police and don’t exit the safe room until they arrive
Always refuse to come out of the safe room until police arrive
Always try to remain calm…remember it’s not a panic room
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You definitely did the right thing, Krickitt. The drug dealers aren't going to have any way of knowing who turned them in. It could have been a disgruntled customer for all they know. I really don't think that's a worry for you.

I remember you talking about this boyfriend when you first came here. If I remember right, he was in some kind of program at that time. If he's back to the same old games, any danger you and the kids might face is more likely to come from him than from the drug dealers. Addicts are not predictable. It would probably be a good idea to check with the police and arrange for their help in assuring the safety of you and your family.
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