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Hello, Elena again. Things in the job appointment did not work out very well. They had mentioned a salary and the next person I talked to said it was another one. I know things take time and one has to try several times before finding something . I understand that, why did I feel calm yesterday and now I feel nervous again? Will circumstances always rule my feelings? Thanks for your comments.

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why did I feel calm yesterday and now I feel nervous again?
Well, it makes sense to me. Today you got "bad news" and so your mind -- which is designed to react to the environment in order to survive -- broke it's previous state of calm.

Will circumstances always rule my feelings?
I'm sure your emotions will get more stable sooner or later, especially since most people feel some stress when being between jobs. In the meantime, you can always seek out professional help and/or self-help methods like exercise. (When a relative of mine was unemployed, he would often go into panic mode, and I would try my best to encourage him to put things in perspective, e.g. he wouldn't starve to death, but that didn't really help.)
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Thanks for your reply and advice. I saw my psychoanalist this week. The good news is that I haven't felt the need of taking medication, even when I still have some pills from the last prescription. I'm worried but not anxious -if you know what I mean. I have spent quite some time sending my CV via e-mail and have taken the chance to listen to my favorite music. And you are very right, it helps. Thanks again.
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