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400,000 have depression in Ireland - Aware
Mon 22/01/2007

As many as 400,000 people in Ireland have depression at any one time, support group, Aware, has said.

It has just launched its annual Depression Awareness Week Nationwide (DAWN). This is the biggest DAWN campaign ever held - it will include television, radio and outdoor advertising.

According to Aware, the estimated number of people affected by depression at any one time has been revised upwards - to 400,000 - to reflect the growth in population here. Statistically, it is accepted that one in 10 people are affected by the condition at any one time and preliminary results from the Census 2006 show a record growth in population, to 4.23 million.

However despite this huge figure, stigma remains a concern.

"Many people who may be experiencing the symptoms of depression are reluctant to seek help for fear of prejudice. Therefore depression remains under-reported and under-diagnosed, and in many ways a hidden illness in this country", explained Aware chief executive, Geraldine Clare.

DAWN used to be held in September, however Aware decided to move the event to January, as the highest number of suicides typically occurs during the winter months of November to January.

The event's radio and television campaign will run from January 22-29, while the outdoor ad campaign will run from January 29 until February 11.

For more information on DAWN, or depression in general, contact Aware at 1890 303 302.

See also our Depression Clinic, which has been developed in association with Aware, at
An informative interview can be viewed at, 4th link down (Prof. Patricia Casey). In it she gives information about the difference between stress and depression, different types of depression, talk therapy, anti-depressants, ECT, bipolar disorder, treatment options for bipolar disorder, lack of resources in Ireland for psychiatry, lack of beds/nursing staff, and a bit about the current state of affairs in Ireland.

The interview has options for being viewed in fast broadband (1mb), broadband (512k) and dialup (56k). I tried the 1mb but it hangs at about 9 minutes into the interview. The 512k connection worked fine. I didn't try the dialup version. The interview is 22 minutes long.

Special thanks to foghlaim for finding this interview :)
One thing I noticed particularly in this interview was the discussion of Paracetamol (Tylenol in North America), where they are now only sold in blister packs, meaning that it slows down a person if in a moment of crisis they try to overdose. It gives them time to slow down and reconsider. This would be something to consider here in North America as well! I have seen so many huge bottles of tylenol that one can get. The Irish approach may well save lives, and would be worth applying here. How would we go about lobbying for something like this?


Repackaging of Tylenol (acetaminophen) is a darned good idea! Overdose can be lethal because of the effect this medication has on the liver, yet many people think of it as relatively harmless. You often hear people who have overdosed on Tylenol say something like: "But, it was only Tylenol!" The stuff is dangerous!


You often hear people who have overdosed on Tylenol say something like: "But, it was only Tylenol!"

I am definitely one of these people that has said this in the past not realizing the effects of this medication :eek:

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