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Aug 2, 2010
I started a new job over two months ago. It is a higher level position than what I'm used to; I'm still in manufacturing/machining though now its space/aerospace R & D. There is new programming to be learned such as CAD/CAM and new machines to figure out. I seem to have lost some respect from my boss over a course of time. I believe it is due to the lack of comprehension in the time I have been training. Not everything sticks when learning something new, even with note-taking. I've talked to him about picking up these new concepts and he seems to understand that not everyone learns the same or at the same rate. I have made good progress recently and continue to make good progress. I suppose I need to relax some and find a way to better my memory and focus. I have this lingering pressure to perform at a higher level or that my job is in jeopardy.


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Aug 5, 2004
Multitasking is one common culprit and is at least partly due to office design or other external/cultural factors:

On the positive side, concentration/focus/flow can be a source of relaxation -- a win, win "as a motivation in itself." (The experience of flow is universal, but how people get there differs.)

With my OCD, I am great at concentrating -- on less important, less profitable things :) But there is some advantage to the disadvantage, such as more divergent thinking.
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