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I'm really struggling right now and I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to overcome this with just therapy and medications. It's hard to focus on things because of the eating problems.

So I'm just wondering when does it become necessary to go to an in-patient treatment center. I've actually started looking for one and trying to find out if our insurance will pay. I doubt they will, but I have to try.

Also, could a regular psych hospital treat someone with an eating disorder just for a week or two until they get more stable?
What i believe is that in-patient care is when the person is evqaluated by specialist and is a risk to themselves on a medical stand point. as in vitals not good BMI too low and blood work indicates that they are in need of medical attention and or if the person presents suicidal risks. if you are really woundering if you should and don't feel that you can make it on your own maybe considering in-patient care would be good but have you tried an out patient care first ?
yours trully ashley


Janet I think that if your ability to function is hindered yes it is absolutely time to act. If I recall correctly, you're not very close to anything, so for you it would involve going inpatient. If you lived in a city, there would be the potential to do an intensive outpatient treatment.
From my experience in treatment I think that you need to let your eating disorder be treated by those who deal with eating disorders and not general psych people, although they may genuinely want to help. YOU DESERVE THE BEST. It is not worth going through treatment once with someone who does not have the training only to relapse and go through it again with someone who does, when you could have done it right the first time.
There are many options for treatment. Hospital settings (covered by your healthcare in-province and occasionally out of province), private residential facilities (occasionally covered), "work ranches," some free, some not (often programs with a Christian focus are offered free of charge). You're in Canada, right?
Directory of Canada Eating Disorder Treatment Programs is one of the most exhaustive treatment lists around or you can look at National Eating Disorder Information Centre. One center not listed is BridgPoint center for eating Disorders in Saskatchewan.
Good luck.
Feel free to message me if I can be of any more assistance to you!!
I'm in the U.S. I found a really nice looking program about 7 hours from where I am. I'm going to look into whether insurance will pay or not. I really want to be functioning better. I've blacked out twice in the last few days and I just feel like crap. And I know I'm doing this to myself. :( That's hard.

Thanks, Ashley and Misha for your responses. I keep thinking I have to be doing worse than I am to get some kind of help, like I'm not sick enough. Like how much sicker do I have to be to get help?


Janet it really sounds like you are trying to do what is best for you and I am proud of you...I just wanted to let you know that. Whether you go in-patient or is your ultimately your decision but I am proud that you are trying to look after yourself both for you and Abby's sake.

Keep it up :goodjob:
I don't think the place will work out insurance wise, but I'm considering going to the hospital I was at before at least for a few days. I have to do something because I'm not getting better on my own.


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I don't think the place will work out insurance wise, but I'm considering going to the hospital I was at before at least for a few days. I have to do something because I'm not getting better on my own.

I hope you know how courageous you are Janet - because you are. Asking for the help you need and extra support can be a bit scary but it also shows the committment you have to yourself and your own well-being.

Behind you 100% Janet



I agree that you are absolutely very brave for facing this head on. It does take an immense amount of courage.

As you are in the states, an excellent resource is If you email Joy, the founder of the site, she has an excellent grasp of what is out there for treatment in different areas of the states. She's very sweet and would love to help you. I'd be willing to ask her if you're not comfortable.
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