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I am a little confused. I have been seeing a therapist for the past 9 months. I started out with two hour sessions, and now am going to one hour each week. My therapist has been most beneficial to me, and has shaped my way of thinking immensely. He has helped me to become a better stronger person. I started seeing him because I was angry that I was hit by a drunk driver, and this had increased my PTSD symptoms.

Yesterday at therapy. my counselor started telling me that because I have made so much progress that soon our therapy will end. Since he has told me this, I am a nervous wreck. I am terrified to end counseling. Sure, we have made so much progress, but there is so much more that I need help with.

He has helped me with my other traumas, like being molested at the age of 12, and in my several traumatic relationships that I was in, that had numerous physical, sexual, mental assaults.

Should I tell him that I am terrified to end therapy, because he is the only person I have for support that I can tell of my trauma.
I personally feel that I need him more.

What are your thoughts
Thank you in advance

David Baxter PhD

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Yes, I do think you should tell him. Open up a discussion about your anxieties about ending therapy and what else you believe you need help with.
Oh yes hun tell him okay about your anxiety you needs so he knows where your mind is at. He will not just drop you he will work with you so you do not feel like he is abandoning you.
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