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Amid the current warnings about security issues with Java, it was noted in one of the news reports that Javascipt is not the same thing and should not be disabled.

I discovered that difference first hand because I did not know they were different so I initially disabled Javascript on my browser....I then lost various functionalities including the tools of the message composition editor on our Forum.

Disable or uninstall Java if you don't need it, but do not disable Javascript.

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
These days, most websites use some version of Javascript and security flaws are infrequent and rapidly patched (we had one emerge in 2012 and it was patched here the same day and a fix issued the next day).

Java, on the other hand, is really not necessary for most applications or wesbites these days and Java can be safely uninstalled from most computers and the browser add-ons disabled if you still need it installed.

I have probably hundreds of applications and utilities on my desktop computer, many for system maintenance and server/website maintenance, and of those only one requires Java.

Another confusion is Flash. Again, there have been frequent security issues with Flash of late and Adobe's response hasn't been as rapid as one would like. You can disable Flash in your browsers but this will prevent the viewing of certain features on some websites and in particular videos such as those at YouTube. You can keep Flash enabled but when you get a request from Adobe to patch or upgrade it, definitely say "Yes".
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