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Im just complaining, but anyway I finished planting all my flowers and raking up all the weeks and shoveling my new dirt in and moving BIG Rocks.Its really makes me made that My husband doesn't even inciate what I have do especially when this is something I haven't do since we've been married. Am I being selfish? Not to mention alll of his stupid motivation is going into that damn horse and all I want is some dang help moving those big rocks and shoveling dirt. I mean you'd think that he would come over and ask if he could help me. And of course I could have asked him for some help. But I just expect him to see me struggling and come over and help. I didn't even use the four wheller and the trailler I used the stupid wheel barrel for every thing. gerrr. im soo ped off. :mad: Oh well Like I told him if I want something done i have to do it my self.


This is so true....if I want something done I have to do it myself....I used that line way too much. One thing that I read was from the book :study: "Men are from Mars and Women from Venus" if you haven't read this you should. You will see how men adn women think so differently and reading what you wrote was way to much like that book.

Tip 1= don't expect someone to see things like you. :shocked:
Tip 2= ask no asuming. You will be happier that way.
Tip 3= start over :confused:

To be truthful....I still have a hard time. Now it with my kids because I'm single but it works the same.

I told my husband how I feel. I started out by saying that I was dissappionted in him and how he never said anything about my flower graden. And that I wanted him to work with the horse every other day and spent the time to help me out. But when it comes to the horses I don't expect him to jump up and help me. Its more important to make sure the horses are safe, and not out running around, or eating bad hay :yahoo:
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