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A child that has all the financial comforts but steals toys or orher things around the house and hides them..

What does that mean..


started at around 4 and is now 7.


Vinton do you mean like playing hide and go seek with his or her own toys? Does the child just hide his or her own stuff or does s(he) hide other peoples stuff as well?


Hi Vinton,

So if I understand correctly, this is a child who seems to have or get anything he wants, but takes other people's property then hides the property in his own home.

What does he do with the stuff after it's hidden, does he eventually give it back or does he keep it hidden?

How do you know that it's this child doing these things...IOW does the child report back that he has the stuff?

Once he has the stuff, what does he do with it? Does he expect to keep it, or give it away? What did he do with the $5.00? Spend it or keep it hidden?

Do you have any ideas why this might be going on? Is there conflict in the family? Is the child looking for attention? Is this a way at getting back at people?


No he just leaves it hidden of if its toys mix it with his own.. he,s a bright kid, great in sports, good at school, polite..
He's like a squirrel !!
after reading the article posted by daniel, and seeing the age this started at and the age the child is now, i am wondering if the initial "stealing" of things wasn't responded to properly by the parents. if it was ignored and not talked about, it may be that it's become a habit. the article states that after age 6 a child has a sense of what's his and what isn't, so maybe just a little talk as suggested in the article is in order.


I'm reminded of one of the earliest recollections of my life, when I must have been around 4 years old.

My Mom shopped at a small neighborhood grocery store, where they let me run around, even behind the counters.

I recall seeing the owner putting his hands into a large metal box, which created an interesting noise. So I reached up, into the box, made the noise and put the noisemakers into my pocket.

Well the noisemakers were coins, and when I got home and showed my Mom, I remember the horrified look on her face.

She told me to go back to the store and give back the coins and to apologize.

I really didn't understand what all the fuss was about, but I do recall the lesson: that we don't take stuff that's not ours.

The memory of that event is one that I fondly cherish, because I appreciate, in retrospect, how my wise Mom handled an important life lesson with me.


I've read the article and its explains our situation so poper actio can be taken.

Thanks so much for your advice .
HI, my son is now 20 yrs old, an only child. I dealt with this when he started 2nd grade and another child's parent called me to say my son had borrowed and not returned a book... my son denied it and until I found the book mixed in his toy box, I thought the other child had a lying problem. This was a symptom of another issue in our case but hope that in yours it's a phase that can be worked through. If you feel (and you would) that there is a bigger issue then that's different but if it's just this squirrel type behavior I think you will be okay. good luck
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