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Lamotrigine - a promising new drug for depression?
Tuesday, December 19, 2006
by John Gale

Lamotrigine was originally designed as a drug for epilepsy. However, patients who took it reported improved mood and quality of life and it was then tested on patients with bipolar disorder. Results of these tests found that while lithium was more useful in controlling mania lamotrigine was better at dealing with the depressive aspects of the condition. A small trial on 12 patients with 'ordinary' depression in Canada found that lamotrigine produced a 'significant, rapid, and robust resolution in symptoms'. Social and occupational functioning was significantly improved after six months and eight patients went back to paid employment or started courses. It is still comparatively early in the research process though and the authors of the study concluded by calling for larger-scale trials of the drug.

Gabriel, Adel - Lamotrigine adjunctive treatment in resistant unipolar depression: an open, descriptive study. Depression and Anxiety 23(8), 485-488
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