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Launch of Canadian website promoting child mental health improvement
Saturday, 13 May 2006

Child development experts launch Canada's first web site to share information on what works and what doesn't work

CALGARY, AB -- The Offord Centre for Child Studies announced today a major new initiative in children's mental health - the creation of a national web site to provide the latest and best information on how to identify, prevent and treat mental health problems in children and youth.

The web site - - is part of a new Centre of Knowledge on Healthy Child Development that will put information based on the best science available into the hands of parents, teachers and others in the community who can use it to improve outcomes for children. Future plans include delivering this information in customized packages to doctor's offices, classrooms, libraries and other locations that serve young people and their parents.

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, where it is affiliated with McMaster Children's Hospital and McMaster University, the Offord Centre is internationally recognized for its research in the field of children's mental health. It is unique in Canada for its blend of scientific research, public education and knowledge transfer and training.

The web site will publish plain language summaries of current and relevant research from around the world as it relates to the developmental health and well-being of children and youth. Parents and others will be able to find information on a host of common, and not-so-common childhood problems, including anger, aggression and bullying, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and depression.

John McLellan, an assistant professor in the Departments of Community Health Sciences, Psychiatry, and Paediatrics at the University of Calgary, and a specialist in the study of high-risk children and youth, said the Offord Centre's reputation as a leader in the field of early child development will ensure that the information on its web site is reliable and trustworthy. "They have pulled together leading experts who are committed to identifying evidence-based strategies for improving the lives of children and youth at risk."
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