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It's been just a little over 2 weeks since I started Lexapro and today I have noticed a difference in my mood and attitude...I am more into recovery and trying to figure feelings/thoughts/memories out...There are certain thoughts/memories my T wants me to try and avoid until session...

I haven't binged since Sunday and I am smiling alot more...:) I've been spending less time with K and more time outside with the dogs...I've noticed in the evening tho when I am around K, my mood tends to sadden some...
but I also take the Lexapro at night so that might be why...

I almost feel human!...:D RIMH
Re: Lexapro...

I'm glad you're feeling better. :)

I think the avoiding certain thoughts/memories outside of therapy is a good idea too. I need to do that too.


Re: Lexapro...

That's great news, RIMH. I'm so glad the Lexapro is working so well for you! It's good to know you're smiling more. That makes me smile. :hug:


Re: Lexapro...

That is definitely great news to hear RIMH. I really liked your description of almost feeling "human" :D
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