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I have no idea where I got this quote from.... I found it from a long time ago w/ "anonymous" beside it...if anyone knows feel free to give credit, but I did change stuff in make it more suitable I guess.

"Life is like one big puzzle. All your friends, every loved one, each new experience, each tragedy and every joy is one of the pieces. Some of them fall so easily into place, but others we have to push and twist and turn to make them fit just right. Eventually they all fit but until then, at least one piece of the puzzle is still missing. Until you find that final piece, you still have another new day to live and enjoy. Don't get so frustrated when a segment is missing. When you're ready you will find all the pieces, when and where is different for each one of us, but there is a purpose to each piece, as there is a purpose to the whole puzzle."

I guess, in a way, you can take this for whatever you think it means to you. Personally, I think it kind of reminds me that as bad as things get at times, there's always good things as well, and it's all of those moments that make you who you are today. And you won't know what's to come tomorrow until you get to that day...


Hi Eunoia,

I like this too. Especially: there is a purpose to the whole puzzle. I could not agree more.

Somebody once wrote that getting frustrated and mad when things don't go as you wish they would go is no use. Later on you will understand why things went that way.
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