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Ever wonder what people with Tourette Syndrome have to deal with?

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of this highly acclaimed documentary movie, this 30 minute documentary is a quirky ride into the world of Duncan McKinlay, a man with Tourette Syndrome. At 7 he noticed what he called a devil in his head that made his life hell. In his teens, it wasn't a question of whether to kill himself, but when. At 19, when he was finally diagnosed, Duncan made researching TS his life path. He's come to understand that his strange ticks are release triggers for the high energy charging through him. At 27 he's a virtuoso at channelling this energy. He's just finished a doctorate in psychology. He's in nationwide demand for his workshops that enlighten and boost the spirits of the 100,000 across Canada who have Tourette's.

Watch the movie online, for free, right on your computer, directly from the National Film Board viewing site

After watching the movie, let us know what you think, and if what you have learned in the movie has changed your perception of Tourette Syndrome.


April 03, 2012

Quote from City TV: Dr. Duncan McKinlay has stunned the medical community with a simple discovery that will forever change one of the most misunderstood syndromes
The interview aired on CITY TV April 3, 2012, and describes Dr. McKinlay's journey with Tourette as well as a brief overview of how Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT) might be a helpful strategy to control tics in some people, as an alternative to medication.

View Video on CITY TV Website (after enduring a 30 second pesky commercial)
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