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I'm on treatment for depression/anxiety (therapy+medication) and feel that it is working really great. Slowly I have been regaining strength to work and face social situations which would have caused a lot of stress and generalized disorder in my mind a few months ago.

Getting back into the world, I was bound to find people to spend time with and it's happened. I've been seeing old friends and getting to know new ones and even behaving like a teenager and kissing away with no strings attached.

But - there's always a but - I have been developing a online relationship that started out as a brother/sister thing a few months ago and has recently unleashed an avalanche of feelings. The feelings are mutual and absolutely trustable. We are in different countries and I'm a loner and he's sort of married (not legally anyway). I simply don't feel guilty that we lust for each other. I think it's only natural that we would be attracted by each other because we are like brother and sister and we admire and value and understand each other, besides sharing mental issues. And when the vistual senses started to act out, it just made things even more enticing than they already were.

So I don't feel guilty; I feel pleased, and I am 100% sure that we're good and helpful with one another and that it does really go both ways.

I just want to hear about similar or different experiences or takes on the subject.

Thank you for the space.
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