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Little Hope

The Trauma and Mental Health Report
Sept 7, 2022

Autumn B Livingston is a Canadian artist based in Toronto Ontario, who has a series of artworks that focus and reflect upon her own mental health journey. As an aspiring art therapist herself, Livingston finds that using art to express her journey with mental health has helped in her coping with it.


B Livingston’s piece “Little Hope” is a depiction of the start of a healing journey from depression. The inspiration for this artwork is the thought that even a little hope can help us begin the path of healing. This piece shows a primarily dark, grayscale world, with the only source of colour being the humming bird. The gray cityscape and surrounding environment represent of the busy and encompassing feelings of struggling with depression. The hummingbird, represents the small hope that can be found when we take time for, and take care of, ourselves. Once we step away from encompassing and overwhelming surroundings, it’s easier to find something, no matter how small, to give us hope and start us on our journey to recovery.
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