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Hey everyone I feel like I'm going to snap at any minute!!

My problem with s/h has gotten worse and well this is about the only place where I can come and talk with people who understand. I guess I'm just so sick and tired about the fact that the medicle people around here don't seem to give a shit about self harm and as a result the help you need to stop just is not there.

To be honest I guess 1 of the reasons my problem has gotten worse is I feel like I'm making a statement when the injurys I've caused myself get bad enough I intend to shove my beat up arm in there faces and say there assholes now will you help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's gotten to the point where I resent people who are bypolor or
Schizophrenic I know thats wrong but it seems that those people are the
only ones the psychiatric community gives a dam about and everyone else can just go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!

I due have recent injurys from s/h but I refuse to get these treated because whats the use you get patched up and then sent on your way. They treat the actions of self harm but not the why's if you know what I mean it's a waste of there time and mine. I guess I'm frustrated to because I've now been seeing my psychiatrist for a year now I like him we do get along, but at our last meeting he said he didn't know what else he could do for me which scared me, he even said maybe I should try and find another doctor, which pissed me off I mean another doctor first of all in this area finding 1 shrink that you can get into see is a miracle let alone another 1 . He did say he would not drop me he just said maybe there was another doc out there who understood self harm more then he did.

I find myself slowly giving up and getting so angry at the lack of understanding and help.

thanks for listening.

Daniel E.
losing it!!!!!!!!!

What about seeing a therapist? Have you seen a therapist recently?

I know what you mean about how people don't really seem to pay attention to S/H I have been cutting myself for 2 or three years now but i have stoped for about 2 weeks now and i am okay i guess but i can't thank the healthcare because they never helped me on that aspect sure okay i am currently in a treatment center for something else but well all they do is check my wrist no were else to see i i have any fresh one but like they sometime don't check and just ask me .. and they look at them fix them up an then i am on my way it's a if they don't understand thatit's really har to stop and that all we really want is forsomeone that undertstands us just to listen and give us a hand.. Maybe you should speek to your shrink about seeing someone else ask him or er if they can arrange the transfer therefor you won't have to worry about finding the person yourself and that possibly taking muh longer.. I find that if yoyur shrink said that it is not to upset yu but well because he wants you to have the best help. Are you taking any medications?? cuz that to could be an alternative sometimes.I hope this is of use to you
yours trully


losing it!!!!!!!!!

hey, ok, so you may actually get a along w/ your psychiatrist which is great, and you guys have build a relationship w/ trust in this one year, but there is absolutely no reason why you should stay w/ someone if that person even suggest he does not have enough experience w/ si and you are clearly wanting to get some help in that area. it's like someone going to a doctor asking about specific problems w/ one's eyes if a an optometrist would be much better suited for that. ashley- kate has a good point, ask your psychiatris who he would recommend... also maybe do some research on your own on this topic to see "who's out there"... you could however stay w/ this guy and try to tell him what it is you need from him and what he can do to help you (on a day to day basis and in the LT). and he did say he wouldn't drop you, so maybe he's also just trying to figure out if you still want to be w/ him and whethere there's any progress at all.

you're right. cutting will get people to notice. and it definatley can be a statment in saying "yes, I need help and I am not ok", but just as you said a lot of people out there just don't get "what this is about". there is a lot of misconceptions and even within the medical community this can occur (but this does happen w/ other things as well ie. there may be a growing # of resources for bipolars but there are A LOT of people out there who have no idea what it is/ how to treat it etc).

anyways, good luck w/ trying to figure things out w/ this psychiatrist or finding a better suited one. remember that most peopel go through many psychiatrist/psychologists/therapists before they actually find one they click w/ and who can help them....
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