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Love is a powerful drug

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., Feb 13, 2007 (UPI) -- A Rutgers University professor in New Brunswick, N.J., says the chemical reaction in the brain commonly known as "love" is similar to a drug reaction.

Helen Fisher, an anthropologist and author of Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love, said love, a feeling brought about by chemical dopamine, and infatuation, which is caused by norepinephrine, have effects on the human brain comparable to those caused by drugs, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

"Love is a drug," Fisher said. "The ventral tegmental area is a clump of cells that make dopamine, a natural stimulant, and sends it out to many brain regions" when one is in love. "It's the same region affected when you feel the rush of cocaine."

Pamela Regan, a professor of psychology at California State University, Los Angeles, and author of Mind Games: A Primer on Love, Sex and Marriage, agrees that the chemical reaction of love is a powerful one -- and one that cannot be sustained indefinitely.

"Our bodies can't be in that state all the time," she said. "Your body would fizzle out. As a species, we'd die."
Ha. I could have told them that.

I've been in love twice and both times my entire outlook on life and sense of well being changed drammatically (for about 6 months). I can remember once driving in the car and just being so utterly happy it was ridiculous, all from simply thinking about my SO.

The trick I guess is to just try and hold onto a tiny bit of that.


It's too bad that feeling can't go on forever. Maybe that's a good reason to stay single and keep dating. Or at the very least enjoy dating when you are single and don't rush into anything. I remember when I got married it was a little depressing to think about how I'd never get to have that fluttery feeling again--it's a really fun, great feeling. I guess in theory the trade off is a deeper more connected relationship. But still, it is SO fun to be in the beginning stages of relationships. Definitely hard to give up!

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