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A cousin in law of hubbies has fms and her dr put her on Lyrica. I reaserched this and found that it is also used to treat seizures.

For those that remember last years episode with my blood pressure droping drastically, my question is, Could lyrica be the same as the topimax?

With not being able to tkae the altace after a reaction from that (and I have taken that since my heart failure in 04) I hate to go on something that would be simliar. Cousin in law says that it helps her symptoms.

just an aside, even though everyone offers their "help" I let them know that I am not just diag with fms that showed up out of nowhere. It is a post traumatic syndrome from the injuries to my back. IMO I don't think that something for fms would benefit me until something is fixed in my back.

I hate to sound cynical if I do, but there is so much else going on that taking this concerns me. Have to check into it though as I don't want to look like I dont' want healing. :yikes:


thanks David, sorry so long to get in, but trying to figure out a page
I had to figure out how to do the gradiant border type thingie, then do an IE conditional due to the differences with IE on this one. I normally don't have to do this, but I suppose first times for all!
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