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David Baxter

Mar 26, 2004

Making Daughters Safe Again (MDSA) offers support and advocate for survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse (mdsa), education for professionals and the general public, and efforts to inspire action, knowledge, healing and hope.

Since 1999, we have been offering innovative online and offline support services for survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse, and comprehensive resources for anyone seeking information. We have been featured by homestead.com twice and included in a national (US) press release as a model organization that utilizes the internet. We have also been referenced in major publications, had our original articles translated into several languages, and had our online materials requested by health care professionals, and those involved in the legal system. MDSA continues to be widely listed and honored on reputable web sites and recognized by the National Self-help Clearinghouse.

Online Survivors' Progam
  • The $5/month membership fee provides many features and benefits not commonly found in online programs, including:
  • access to a private and completely AD-FREE, fully featured, chat room and message forum
  • priority registration for in-person MDSA events, such as workshops and retreats
  • thematic message boards to supplement healing, including forums for inner child work, the safe expression of emotions, personal history telling, creative expression, family life (parenting and intimate relationships with life partners),and physical health (addressing the mental obstacles and past issues that get in the way of diet, exercise, seeking medical care, etc.)
  • safety emphasized through the application proces, the well-formulated rules and guidelines, and the moderated forums, based on the Director's 9+ years of experience with MDSA and clinical knowledge as a psychotherapist
  • online anonymity when conversing with other members, balanced with the benefits of accountability and responsiblity as all members are screened, and have dedicated themselves to their membership by paying a modest fee (which also verifies identity and makes it less likely that a member who has been removed for violating the rules and guidelines will be able to return)
  • the opportunity to share in a supportive, private, active, community of women who are all survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse, as opposed to only sexual abuse or childhood abuse in general

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