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Wanted to pop in and say hi, I am new around here but PTSD is what drew me to this particular thread.

I have been in recovery for almost a year now and it seems that my some of my symptoms are getting worse, not better. I have an addictions counsellor and have seen a psychiatrist a couple of time, we resume in Aug. Mostly I deal now with generalized panic, mood swings (annoying because I new things seems to trigger me from going from 36 to age 5, for example) and I am highly sensitive. I have been told to be patient, I am, sometimes :) Feels like I am learning everything all over again, and sometimes it feels like the first time.

That's me in a nut shell, an extrovert with PTSD. What a combination lol



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Hi Braveheart

Thanks for the welcome. My actions speak like an introvert because I need more down and alone time these days. But what is one to do when one is triggered by so much....but I love people.

Lady Lore


I'm responding to your introduction several months after the fact, so I'm not sure this will post, but here goes. I've also been diagnosed PTSD, not from having been in the military or a cult or abusive family, but due to homelessness and traumatic events that occurred out on the streets.

I've taken introvert/extravert personality inventories at times (like Myers-Briggs, which I understand those in the field of mental health don't really recommend) and I usually have turned up as an Introvert, but not always.

Please accept my belated welcome to these forums.
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