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I've been using this for a few months now. I can't believe I didn't think of posting it until today :eek:

Anyways, Moodtracker ( ) is a website where you enter values for your mood, sleep, anxiety, irritability, etc every day. It then generates a chart showing the rises and falls. You can enter your medication, when you start and stop taking different pills, etc. You can also journal what is happening that day. One feature I also liked is that you can set up email alerts for when your mood goes above or below a certain level, or if you don't take your meds. For example, I set it up to email my husband when I enter that I'm moderately or severely depressed. Here is my chart from last month, for example:


The blue squares represent days that you get your period, and the red diamonds are days that you don't take your meds (bad me!). The light blue and yellow symbols represent low/med/high anxiety and irritability, and the crazy green line is my hours of sleep.




That is a great resource and I have also used it myself. I found it very helpful when I was starting a new medication to gauge my symptoms. Great post :)


I'm glad it helped you too, Nancy! I find it so hard sometimes to report my symptoms properly... a month goes by and if I don't write things down, I'm finding that I give a pretty sketchy history at the Dr's. Now I just pull out my moodchart and my journal... so easy!
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