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Mothers with eating disorders - how they affect their children
Friday, October 13, 2006
by John Gale

Children of mothers with eating disorders are known to be at greater risk of developing eating disorders than other children but there has been little research into the effects of mothers' eating disorders on children in 'middle childhood'. A study of 56 British families with 10-year-old children has found that those children with mothers with eating disorders were more likely to show dietary restraint, were more concerned about their weight and shape and thought weight and shape were more important to their self-esteem than other children. Children's eating disturbances were associated with how long their mothers had had eating disorders for and with conflict between the mother and child over feeding earlier in childhood.

Stein, Alan ... [et al] - Eating habits and attitudes among 10-year-old children of mothers with eating disorders British Journal of Psychiatry 189, 324-329
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