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Well as I have said before my grandma is or was in a nursing home which turned into a disaster. She ended up having pneumonia and she was on antibiotics and she was going wacko and so they tested he urine came out negative for UTI of course shes on antibiotics duh. we were telling the nurses that they needed to culture her urine. Never happened. Eventually she became combative so they sent her to a psychiatric behavioral center for Alzheimer's. And the psych doc evaluated her and said that she had no psychological disorders. So through out her stay at the behavioral center she was test again and they found mrsa in her urine and in a couple of days it spread through out her whole body. And she also has Diphtheria, and e coli. We received a phone call say that my grandma is dying and was and still is head toward death. when me and my mom went down to Boise on Tuesday we went to see her and we spent hours there with here. On Wednesday We got a call again say that they couldn't keep her there because of all the crap she has well it actually came down to Medicare they could not keep her at there at the behavior place so they told us that she needs to move her. So we packed her up and drove 2 hours back to our house with a half dead grandma in our car that has a contagious infection. So she is in her own bed at home in and out of it. She is on comfort care. They took her off all her meds and all she is taking is Haldol, Klonopin, (dergesic patch pain patch), and vicoden. when they found out that she had all of this they asked us if we wanted to put a pick line ( potentially by getting the mrsa in her veins and have a painful death, septic shock) in or comfort measures. So I'm really burned out I'm sick I've lost more weight, I was sick with some kind of cold and I lost my voice. Thanksgiving sucked it wasn't a normal Thanksgiving and I bet that Christmas wont be either. Oh and my parents are moving the 1st of January to MT. And I'm lucky that I got my portfolio for English and research paper for psychology got done. stressed.


TLC... i'm so sorry to hear all this.. I really don't know what else to say..
please know that i'm thinking of you and your family.



I'm so sorry for you right now. You all have my prayers for a peaceful passing for your grandmom.

AT least she is with you, as I know you love her so much.

my thoughts are with you and your grandmother tlc. being at home surrounded by family sounds like the best place for her to be now. :hug:



My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at this difficult time....remember that I am thinking about you. Take care

:hug: :hug:


I'm so sorry, TLC, for you and for your family. It's hard to see someone you love sick. The best you can give your grandmother is your love.

Take care of yourself, too, and know we're thinking of you. :hug:
Today I went over to my moms house to help her get my grandma into bed because my mom couldn't lift her. she basicly dead weight. So we got her in bed changed her and put a new night gown on her cleaned her up some. I'm having a hard time with this. She is slowly going and it kills me to see her like that. But I am there for her and she knows it. I toucher head and hand and talk to her tell her that I love her, tell her who I am and what's been going on with school and what not. I'm back to school today. I think I'm getting sick again. My chest, ears, and througt hurt.. Sorry for all the miss spellings. And the first post is pretty much just fast typing and writin out while I thought about it.



I'm also sorry to hear this sad news. My maternal grandmother passed away seven years ago at the age of 63. She had lung cancer. When my personal trainer was a baby, she lost her paternal grandparents and she never got to know them. :-(


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I'm sorry that you and your family are going through such a tough time.
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