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New Jersey Starts Prescription Drug Web Site
27th October 2007

The State of New Jersey has launched a Web site that allows its citizens to compare prices for 150 drugs at pharmacies across the state. You can try it at

To search, you?ll need to specify a medication type (the 150 most-prescribed drugs are available), its strength, and a city or zip code.

Searching for 250 MG Amoxicillin capsules in Trenton, NJ, the results provided a list of costs, both by unit and for X number of capsules in a prescription. Prices were as low as 34 cents each and as high as 60 cents each. The price results also include the name and address of the pharmacy and the date the prescription was filled. From the results page, you can also look for different strengths/dosages for the same drug as well as follow links to general information about the drugs.
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