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New online resource helps keep Franco-Ontarians healthy

September 29, 2006

(Toronto) – Family physicians and other healthcare providers with Francophone patients are now equipped with an exceptional new tool to help them support those they care for with mental health and addiction problems.

Launched today, is a much needed addition to the repertoire of information healthcare providers require to deliver timely and appropriate care to their Francophone patients. Developed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Canada’s largest mental health and addictions facility located in Toronto and throughout the province, is a unique bilingual web resource, online network and clearinghouse for addiction and mental health primary care professionals serving francophone communities across Ontario.

“The significance of this site is that it offers visitors general information on addiction and mental health issues, treatment options and available programs, as well as materials for use with clients, families and other healthcare professionals,” explains Nancy Mulroney, Director of French Language Services at CAMH. “Until now, there has been nothing like this around.”
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