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lately I have been obsessing about self started back before I left for that I'm at college there's this voice in the back of my head saying, "just go for it, no one here knows about your problem, you know how to hide it better now."...I want these things out of my head b/c it's driving me nuts...I did tell my new therapist out here, and I committed to him that I won't self injure (because I made the mistake of telling him I always keep my committments) I just need these thoughts to go away...I try to tell myself that I don't need to SI and that just distract myself but this voice is just following me where ever I go and it has almost a taunting tone to it...anyway just needed to get that out there...thanks


Hi kelseym,
I personally think you telling the therapist a positive step, I know it must be very difficult to feel this way. I personally would write down the thoughts are find a distraction to help when you feel your obsessing. I hope this is helpful, kelseym and you have the forum with great information about self injury to read. All the best during this time, from Holly


Do tell your therapist that the thoughts of self-injury are becoming very difficult to control, kelseym. Let him know that they're pretty constant, very intrusive, and very persuasive. Tell him exactly what you've told us here. I'm sure he can help you to find ways, or medication, to stop these thoughts from undermining your life.


I think that TL is right Kels. I know that you said that you always keep your committments but telling him might be a good idea so that if you do happen to go back on your committment than at least you will not feel as upset with yourself and you would have at least told him that you were struggling with it and you never know he may have some suggestions and/or thoughts for you as to how to overcome these obssessive thoughts.

Good luck and take care :hug:
Kels, when your experiancing these thoughts - try to decipher 'why' they are so consuming for you. Take note of your mood, any other obsessive thoughts, what happened during the day, etc. This is easy to do in your head - I should say, this seems easy, which is why you should sit down and write it out. It helps to centre you, and the obsessive thoughts should wane while your doing it (due to the calming nature and structure of writing.)

I aggree that you should mention to your therapist about the thoughts, keeping them a secret will only compound your guilt. :grouphug:
Ok, so I'm trying writing and other things to help with my thoughts and I am going to tell my therapist about these thoughts, but last night I had the strangest the dream I was edit: self-injuring specific words. I don't know that sort of freaked me out but maybe that was my way of saying that I am now ready for help...I think I might tell my therapist about my dream and I will definitly tell him a bout my obsessive thoughts...thanks for all the support
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ok so I was supposed to see my therapist today but he was out of the office today so I had to reschedule for I'm here trying once again to get out the things that are in my's friday night and I should be "out on the town" but it looks like I'm gonna be sitting in my dorm...I just can't find friends who want to do anything with me on the weekends...I don't neccesary fit I guess the "type" of person that people want with them at a party, plus I'm still new in my recovery from drugs and alcohol and I'm afraid that by going to a party I dont know if I can keep my I'm stuck here with my thoughts obsessing over self injury...I keep having this dreams where I'm begging for help and no one can help me and that's how I feel in my life except I can't bring myself to ask/beg for the help I need...and I feel that no one can help me even if I do ask for thoughts are still obsessing in my head and it's just the same thoughts about self injury over and over here I am just typing out what's going on because I don't know what else to do...well thanks for listening to my rambling...


Hi Kels,

You are to be commended for staying home tonight, knowing that attending a party could put you in a bad situation! That's awesome. You truly are a person of strength and character.

It can be really hard to let go of thoughts like you're having. Are you able to pick up a magazine? I hesitate to say a book because reading requires actual concentration, which you may not be capable of, but if you flip through a magazine that may be helpful. Do you have any upcoming events you can think about planning for? If you can find some way to direct your thoughts, the self-destructive ones may not go away, but you may be able to diminish them even slightly, for just a little while.

Remember, one minute at a time...
hi kelsey i hope you got through the evening ok. i never much enjoyed going out to the parties myself when i was a student. it felt like i was the only one because it seemed like that partying was all everyone was interested in. i did find people more like me but it wasn't easy for me because i didn't know how to do that at first. it may take a bit of work to find others more like you because like you they're all staying in their dorm and not coming out. you haven't been there for very long just yet and it takes time to find people that suit your personality. so keep your eyes open for others who may be a bit more like you and who tend not to go along with the crowd. you may even just wander the hallways in your dorm to see who's still there and strike up a conversation. they may be shy or not outgoing and feel uncomfortable chatting but that is exactly why they didn't go out drinking. :) or on the other hand they may be quite confident people who are just fine staying home at the dorm, in which case it would be easier to get to know them.

i too think you did very well avoiding a situation you knew would be potentially bad for you. that takes a lot of strength and determination. you did very well.



I also want to say that I think that it was a great choice on your part to not go out and put yourself in a position where you might not be able to keep your sobriety that you have worked so hard for. I commend you for your strength and committment. I to be honest don't know if I could have made that same choice.

I think that both BG and BBC have some good suggestions of finding others and other things to do instead of going out partying and remember that we are always here for you anytime you don't want to go to a know we can be pretty fun on here too...
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